Features and Benefits

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We make it easy to open a store on the web! 
. No 24-hour a day Internet connection required.
. No commerce server software for you to buy or install.
. No technician to maintain your commerce server.
. No complicated bank account setup.

What you get.

. Department store structure with unlimited products
. Store management using any Internet browser
. Standard or customized storefront themes
. Shopping cart with secure credit card batch processing
. Payment settlement managed by your authorized staff
. Wide flexibility for individual product attributes
. Customer and order database file exporting
. Redundant real-time backup of each order transaction
. Traffic building services to increase store exposure

What it costs.
A Store Account with StoresOnTheWeb costs $100 per month as a hosting fee for a secure payment and reporting system, plus a per order fee of 2% of sales.  The bank or merchant services company that manages your payment settlement will also bill separately for card processings fees.  For more pricing details,

In 7 easy steps, you can be selling on the web!

Step 1. Create a Store Manager Account (3 minutes)
Step 2. Select a Theme for your Store (5 minutes or experiment with colors, patterns and picture layouts)
Step 3. Enter Shipping Method (3 minutes)
Step 4. Enter Department Categories and Products (10 minutes per product)
Step 5. Configure State Sales Tax Rates (5 minutes)
Step 6. Invite others to use your Demo Store (until you're satisfied)
Step 7. Activate your store (10 minutes)
Start taking orders!


Create a Trial Store First Create a Trial Store ... it's Free!
You can set up a store anytime, it doesn't cost a thing. Consider it a "staging" area.  Once you see that everything works, simply activate your store in a matter of minutes.

Top Built and Managed from your Browser
Your entire store is built and maintained easily from a browser. Securely log into your store from our Store Manager link on our home page.

Top Secure Online Store Manager
With the same browser your reading this with, you are the manager. Pick the look of the store from our style theme templates.  Create store departments and the products that go into them.  Upload images, cut and paste selling copy, set product attributes.  Activate or deactivate your store.  Get a report on the last day of sales.  Select which orders are to be shipped and funds captured.  Check your traffic statistics. All aspects of your store are accessed through your secure Store Manager account.
Top Catalog Page Styles and Product Pictures
Select a master style for all product Catalog Pages or pick a unique style or layout format for each product.  A picture for each product may be uploaded from your local PC.   Each product may be assigned a specific catalog page layout, so even hard to fit pictures may be easily accomodated.
Top Product Thumbnails by Department
Based on the storefront theme you select, each department has its own index table of products pictured in thumbnail proportions.  Each product thumbnail has a product name and may include other variables that you select.
Top Advanced Shopping Cart
Our online inventory system offers a great deal of flexibility to define unique product variables.  Products may be offered in various sizes, flavors or other variables with each type priced individually.  In addition, if you have a sub-variation that applies to all product types, we can handle that too!
Top Payment Processing
You have a choice of payment methods for shoppers to use.
CLICK HERE to see our Service Pricing.   All credit card settlement transacted through a StoresOnTheWeb catalog is managed through the Store Manager.
  • We can help you setup a Payment Gateway to allow online credit card transaction processing using either your existing Merchant Account or a new Merchant Account.
  • We can let you process orders manually with your existing Merchant ID account as long as it is setup for Mail Order - Telephone Order operations.
Top Batch Payment Settlement
If you setup a store to accept credit card processing online, your customer's payments are deposited directly to your business checking account upon shipment of the order.  Through the Store Manager, an interactive report lists unfilled or filled orders on any date range you provide.  To settle orders ready to ship, simply click "ship and capture funds" for each order and submit the action to initiate a batch settlement process.  Batch session reports are also available on any date range your specify
Top Multi-State Sales Tax Options
Each product group may either be set-up as a taxable or non-taxable item.   Your store may be setup to charge sales tax for only the state in which you are domiciled or you may also collect tax for any state in which you are registered as a foreign corporation.  We also offer custom services for collecting levies for goods shipped to international destinations.
Top Shipping Charge Flexibility
What you charge your customer for shipping may be computed in several ways.  You can  apply a shipping rate based on the total of the price or the weight of an order.  A third option allows for each product to contain its own specific shipping rate.
Top Gift Wrap and Monogramming
You may select for any product to offer gift wrapping or monogramming to personalize an order.  The choices are offered to the shopper in both the Catalog Page and the Shopping Cart.
Top Traffic Building Services
With your assistance, we will register your store in the Big 8 Search Engines and over 1000 high-traffic special interest portals and search engines.  We are dedicated to bringing people to your store who have an interest in what you sell.
Top Secure Sales and Traffic Statistics
In the Store Manager, you have secure access to Order Information and Traffic Statistics that report results up-to-the-minute.  This is a real tool in helping you refine product offerings and tie your Internet sales to your existing distribution channels.
Top Thousands of Products
We encourage large product inventories by not charging a monthly fee based on the number of products in your store.  We instead charge $100 host fee per month plus a small transaction charge.  Increasing the number of total sales transactions is the formula for our mutual success.

Build a Trial Store ... it's Easy!

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